GoodHead Sensations Oral Pleasure Kit

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Goodhead Sensations Oral Sex Kit. Everything you need to make your next oral sex experience a party!  GoodHead makes oral better for both the giver and receiver. This pack includes everything you need for whatever mood strikes, whether you’re wanting cooling, warming, numbing, flavored, or vibrating. These blow job enhancers taste great and turn good head into great head! Use them individually or together to have the ultimate oral experience.

Goodhead Sensations Oral Sex Kit Includes:

GoodHead Tingle Drops Cotton Candy. Tingling, tantalizing sensations and flavor enhance your oral play. The taste of  sugary Cotton Candyis packed into 1.0 fl. oz. dropper bottles of these oral sex enhancers formulated to create a cool tingling sensation on contact.

Good Head Warming Head Oral Delight Vanilla. GoodHead makes oral better for both the giver and receiver. Enhances Flavor and Warms During Oral Sex.

GoodHead Tingle Spray Mint. Creates Pleasurable Tingling/Cooling Sensation. Enhances Flavor During Oral Sex. Convenient Spray Application.

GoodHead Deep Throat To-Go Oral Anesthetic Spray Strawberry. Take the job out of blow job! GoodHead Deep Throat Spray To-Go offers a delicious mild numbing agent with a simple spray. No gag reflex, no discomfort, just a mind-blowing deep throat experience. Free of Parabens and Sugar. This delectable desensitizing formula turns good head into great head!

GoodHead Oral Delight Gel Watermelon. Watermelon flavored edible oral sex enhancer is delicious and will help you give head like you wouldn’t believe! Just a few drops of this gel and you’re good to go!

Lover’s Ring. Disposable vibrating ring that has been designed to provide the user(s) with maximum stimulation. Once correctly positioned at the base of the penis, it will give gentle erotic vibration to the male and direct dynamic stimulation to the clitoris during intercourse. One time use only